Positioning Hornblower Group for a Successful Future

Hornblower Group is taking steps to strengthen our financial foundation and position our business for the long term as we continue providing outstanding land- and water-based travel experiences around the world and providing commuters with reliable transportation services.

We are serving our guests and commuters without interruption 
  • All services are operating as usual and running on their normal schedules
  • Booked trips, excursions, private events and charters, dining and sightseeing cruises, tours and activities and other experiences are continuing as planned
  • Guests and commuters can purchase tickets, make reservations, book groups and private events, participate in excursions and utilize transportation services as usual
We are working with our vendors, suppliers, business partners and government agencies as usual
  • We are paying our vendors, suppliers and partners in full under normal terms for goods and services provided on or after the Chapter 11 filing date of February 21, 2024
  • We are continuing to execute on our existing contracts and agreements with government agencies

The Path Forward

On February 21, 2024, the Company initiated a voluntary court-supervised Chapter 11 process in the U.S. and ancillary proceedings in Canada. Journey Beyond in Australia is not included in this court-supervised process.

On June 7, 2024, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court confirmed Hornblower’s Plan of Reorganization. The Company expects to successfully complete its financial restructuring and emerge from the Court-supervised process in the coming weeks. Hornblower has used this process to position the business for future success with a more focused portfolio, introduce new majority ownership and strengthen its balance sheet for greater financial flexibility.

Under the terms of the Plan and upon Hornblower’s emergence, we will:

Transition Hornblower Group’s ownership

Hornblower’s majority ownership will transition to funds managed by Strategic Value Partners, LLC and its affiliates and Crestview Partners ("Crestview") will retain a significant minority position in the Company.

Strengthen our financial position

Hornblower will have reduced its total debt by approximately $720 million and substantially increased its liquidity.

Divest Journey Beyond

Crestview will become the sole owner of Journey Beyond, a stand-alone operating unit of Hornblower and the leading experiential travel provider in Australia.

We expect to move forward as a stronger company, with new majority owners and additional financial flexibility to support our growth.

As we near emergence, we are continuing to:

  • Serve our guests, commuters and B2B customers around the world
  • Work closely with our vendors, suppliers and business partners
  • Execute on our existing contracts and agreements with government agencies
  • Pay employees and provide benefits

FAQ for Guests & Commuters

FAQ for Vendors, Suppliers, Partners & Port Services

Press Releases

June 7, 2024
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February 21, 2024
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Stakeholder Fact Sheet

Stakeholder Fact Sheet
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Additional Information Regarding the Court-Supervised Process

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